The Best Home Gyms Are Well-Planned

The most successful home gyms are not always the most expensive ones. A careful study of name-brand equipment and careful planning can yield an affordable home gym that accomplishes all the fitness and bodybuilding goals the owner has.

The first challenge is to carve out a space in the home for a well-equipped gym. Then, the space must be emptied and decorated to be a pleasant and inspiring place to exercise. Music, video equipment, and the best surfaces to exercise on are important. Space must be adequate. The correct equipment must be purchased or built and correctly installed for safety.

Planning the Perfect Home Gym

How does one plan the perfect home gym? First, a person must sit down and decide what their fitness goals are and what equipment and space are needed to meet those goals. This may not be a one-person job. A person may need expert advice to avoid expensive mistakes. There is advice online or in books. Sites such as can be very helpful.

After health and fitness goals are set, learn what exercises and equipment will help achieve those goals. Learn what space is needed for each piece of equipment and for exercises. Draw up a plan. Find the space to implement the workout plan.

Space can be found in a heated garage, finished basement, spare bedroom, a corner of a den or family room, and wherever there is underutilized space in a home. A new trend is for man caves built in the backyard. The same principle could be used for a workout building.

Once a space is located, it must be finished to be safe, inspiring and convenient. The floor must be strong enough to hold heavy equipment and have that equipment mounted on it securely. Machines must not be crowded, and there must be adequate space for exercises that do not require machines.

Making The Space Right

Don’t forget the music and video equipment. Use posters or other artwork that will inspire a person to continue exercising. A cooler for cold water and other healthy drinks is a good addition. Some exercise equipment will serve more than one exercise function and save space. Make a list of the most important equipment, and look for each piece on sale, in good condition but used, or even borrowed from friends. For more home gym information, go to the website.